If renting a home in your destination of choice and living like a local is your idea of a perfect way to vacation, it pays to be as careful about home safety as you would be in your own home. Before you book anything, question the security of the property.

Does it have lockable doors and windows? This may sound basic, but many island getaways do not have proper security because people like to enjoy the ocean breeze. Owners may tell you the island is perfectly safe, however many travelers report being robbed by a burglar who climbed in through an open window.

If the home has a safe, be sure to use it for valuables. If there is an alarm system, do not forget to turn it on at night or when you leave the home.

When you are going on excursions or taking tours, do not tell your tour guides where you are staying and when you will be out on other tours. Unfortunately, it is a common scheme in high end vacation destinations for some less scrupulous tour guides, boat captains,or other adventure organizers to skillfully gather information from you so that that they can rob you later.

Another common-sense tip: be sure to be careful when walking in unfamiliar areas at night. Oftentimes tourists will let down their guard when away and can venture into dangerous areas by accident.

Bottom line – be as safe abroad as you aim to be at home, no matter what you are told about how safe the area is.